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A profession delayed .  .  .

This author started writing in his youth, but never attempted publication.  He just hoped  this might be one of the ways to distinguish himself in the creative arts.  Although art and music were on his mind too, they were not to become his challenge to obscurity. In High School English he was caught making up book reports from "books" that didn't exist. Detentions seemed to become a part of his High School life.

 As a young man from Philadelphia, the author enlisted in the US Air Force, serving four years  as a crew chief on the B-47 bomber. Soon after discharge he became a police officer in a New Jersey community. Over the next twenty five years he served in many capacities as he moved through the ranks. He retired as Deputy Chief of Police, a rank he held for several years.

During those years he wrote quite a bit, but in the form of manuals, S.O.P.'s, General Orders, and reports.  Many of those reports had to be attested to before the courts or grand juries. As Detective  he was involved in the investigation of many crimes, which included homicides, robberies, burglaries, frauds, narcotics and vice.

He received degrees in Law/Justice and Public Administration which were heavily weighted in the behavioral sciences. Classes in creative writing, philosophy and literature peaked his interest for the most part.  He graduated with honors. He enjoyed writing stories and descriptions of people and events. That being said, police work leaves little opportunity for the metaphors, simile and the creative expressions of fiction. You know, "Just the facts".

 After retirement, he and his wife, Gloria, moved to Naples, Florida. He wanted to pursue creative arts in the form of painting, music, and writing.  The best of plans many times get delayed by circumstances.  Among those delays were several years engaging in real estate sales in Naples and trading stocks and options on line.  He and his father, George Sr., attended Professional Writing classes for several years, which resulted in George's father being published at age 79.  That was encouraging.  Now all George had to do was couple perspiration with inspiration. The result: "The Virtuoso: A Love Story in Scarlet".

During those years he took on a writing endeavor quite different.  Joining with a teacher of metaphysics and spiritual pathways, Dr. Dean Portinga, he was invited to pen a book from material made available to him and free to add his own research.  He did so as co-author of that work: "Spiritual Insights From a Whole New Concept of The Ten Commandments".  It was a broadening experience for him, both as a writer and as a student of new age ideas.

 Discovering the personal computer in the early nineties, his creative expression became more prevalent  and the author even explored the use of the web to publish thoughts and ideas.  With the advent of the BLOG, a contraction for web log, he joined many others in publishing his thoughts, "out there". He thought he might enjoy writing short stories, not having the patience for novels.

 And now, entering the arena of creative expression, unlike the writing expression that police work afforded him, or most other non-fiction venues, his imagination is cranking up to higher plateaus  with hopes of entertaining his readership. The thought of doing this by offering to others a few hours of escape on the pages of a book is very rewarding.

When The World of Music Became More Intimate
Starting in the early eighties, George was attracted more to live music and the many local musicians and venues around Florida.  Enjoying this friendship and intimacy with the players and the crowd, further insight into the world behind the "stage lights" filtered in.  As well, the listening pleasure of jazz, blues and other standards became very familiar to him. This was in addition to his respect and love for the classics, which has always dwelt below the surface for him. He increasingly was drawn to not only the entertainment, but learning the hardships and inside workings of such careers; "the thoughts behind the pretty faces." With friends in the business from many parts of the world, he was drawn more and more toward New Orleans. He was fortunate to glimpse the under-belly, gaining many deeper insights into not only the music, but most of all, the players, their venues and the hard times that lay just beneath the "show time" image.

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